Biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment

with “Rehacor” Software for Functional Biocontrol and Biofeedback Training

  • non-medicated reactivation of impaired functions
  • overcoming phobias and pathological addictions
  • adjuvant therapy for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and teenagers
  • correction of psychophysiological state in athlets and people of stressful and responsible professions, forming state management for optimal functioning
  • multi-channel record of wide parameters range and multiparametric state control in the process of biofeedback and neurobiofeedback


Psychophysiological telemetric system „Rehacor-T” Electroencephalograph-recorder “Encephalan-EEGR-19/26″ modification „Mini” Electroencephalograph-recorder “Encephalan-EEGR-19/26″ (main modification)
Autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-4 Autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-10 Autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-26
basic set of recording channels
up to 5
maximal set over 10
basic device ABP-4
basic set of recording channels
up to 10
maximal set over 30
basic device ABP-10
basic set of recording channels
up to 26
maximal set over 45
basic device ABP-26

Biofeedback and neurofeedback procedures are realized on the basis of the „physiological mirror” principle, thereby the patient has a literal opportunity to see and hear nuances of his state change, manifested in change of various physiological processes.

Functional biocontrol based on biofeedback provides training the skills of psychic self-regulation. Supplied set of biofeedback procedures is meant to normalize the functional status of the various body systems (CNS, ANS, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, locomotor apparatus) by developing skills of relaxation, reducing muscle tension, normalization of heart rate and its variability, reducing the tone of vessels of different caliber, normalizing blood pressure and parameters of cerebral and central hemodynamics, changes in the ratio of EEG rhythms and their topical characteristics, etc.

Procedures can be used to manage current psychoemotional state of sportsmen, employees engaged in stresses professions, students to reduce the pre-launch (pre-examination) stress and anxiety, to mobilize and form required attitude for goal achievement, to eliminate negative emotions in case of nervous breakdown, and to restore a positive psychophysiological state.

Various biofeedback training screens


  • trends, scales, diagrams, geometric figures (1), graphic arts, images, slides, videos;
  • animation and various game plots (2);
  • linear, three-dimensional and noise-like distortions and conversions of images, slides and videos (3);
  • morphing of images;
  • information screensavers and instructions during biofeedback training (4).



  • various music fragments, sounds of nature, MIDI-splitter, voiced information, noise-like distortions depended on the successful execution of biofeedback training;
  • information messages and instructions during biofeedback training.

Diversity of visual forms of BFB signals presentation and flexible settings make each procedure attractive and stimulate the patient’s motivation to targeted state change.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment sales package

Depending on the availability of additional wireless devices, modules and sensors, the device may record over 45 signals in different combinations, depending on selected basic device and software:

  • electroencephalogram (EEG) (up to 30 derivations);
  • DC-potential level in EEG derivations (up to 20 derivations);
  • electrocardiogram (ECG) (up to 3 derivations);
  • electrooculogram (EOG) (up to 2 derivations);
  • respiratory effort (abdominal and thoracic);
  • electromyogram (EMG);
  • envelope EMG (EEMG);
  • snore;
  • body position;
  • movement activity;
  • tremor;
  • skin conductance;
  • galvanic skin response;
  • temperature;
  • photoplethysmogram (PPG), etc.

Some of sensors

Reliable tool of a classic encephalography in combination with innovative approach to functional diagnostics provides new capabilities and efficiency of carrying out studies.

Reliable tool of a classic encephalography in combination with innovative approach to functional diagnostics provides new capabilities and efficiency of carrying out studies

Connection of electric brain activity dysfunction and brain blood circulation can be reliably detected by unique means of synchronously carried out EEG and PSG studies (Patent RF 2248745)

Compressed cardiocyclic presentation of dynamics of recorded physiological parameters (EEG, super slow brain activity, REG, ECG, PPG, GSR, temperature, respiration effort, etc.) in one time scale demonstrates the interrelation between various systems of an organism (Patent RF 2252692)

A family of Electroencephalograph-Analysers: with 8, 16, 19 or 24 EEG-inputs (32 digital channels and 2marker channels) plus photo-, video-, audio-, and electric stimulation and patterned video stimulation outputs. Optionally, up to 6 polygraphical (ECG, SCG, SGR, EMG, EOG, PPG, CHD, RESP, TEMP, etc.) inputs and up to 6 timeshared rheoencephalographical (REG) inputs.

Number of Channels 8 up to 21
Sample rate per channel Prime 2 kHz
Sample rate per channel output 500 Hz
ADC resolution 24 bit
Peak to peak voltage range 0.005 – 8 mV
Input dynamic range ±300 mV DC ; 8 mV (p-p) AC
voltage measurement ± (0.05×U+1) µV
(Noise)Input short circuits 0.23µV (rms) ; 1.4µV (p-p)
(Noise)22 kΩ source Impedance 0.38µV (rms) ; 2.3µV (p-p)
CMRR (Buttery suply) ≥ 140dB
CMRR (Mains supply adapter or USB Power suply adapter) ≥ 120dB
Input Impedance ≥ 200MΩ

Software is meant for data analysis and trends visualization, which display cardio-cyclic dynamics (averaging from cycle to cycle) of different calculated parameters for cardiovascular, vegetative and central nervous systems in one time scale and provides an option of visual evaluation of their interconnection at synchronous record of 16 EEG derivations, 16 super slow brain activity derivations, 6 REG derivations and signals by 4 polygraphic channels from the list: ECG, EOG, EMG, respiration effort, photoplethysmogram and temperature.

Software provides evaluation of physiological changes in response to provoking actions in order to detect weak and compensatory elements in organism’s systems and ensures carrying out statistical and spectral analysis, building hypnograms and scattergrams, which display distribution of selected quantitative parameters over set study fragments, and generates automatic protocol with formalized description and table data with initial state and significant changes connected with functional tests carrying out.

Analysis of trends, which display cardio-cyclic dynamics of parameters change, provides:

  • Consideration of possible effect of vascular factor in epilepsy;
  • Diagnostics of cerebrovascular disorders during functional tests for hyperventilation;
  • Diagnostics of syncopal states.

Change of physiological parameters on trends of cardio-cyclic dynamics in response to provoking actions (hyperventilation).

In 30 seconds after hyperventilation (HV) start, the rheographic index REG (7) is significantly decreased, in 3 minutes of HV there are changes on EEG – sharp increase of slow-wave activity (5, 6) with paroxysmal manifestations (4) and sharp decrease of alpha-activity level (3).


  • EEG/PSG Videomoitoring kit and software “Encephalan-Video” for completely synchronized continuous digital record of electroencephalogram, audio- and video information, events marks, and for their analysis and archiving for differential epilepsy diagnostics.
  • EP-studies “Encephalan-EP” – studies of long-latency visual and auditory evoked potetials, somatosensory, MMN, CNV, P300,and visual EP for chess pattern.
  • Software “Encephalan-AVS” for EEG and EP studies with audio-visual stimulation uses different scenarios of cognitive stimulation. There is an option of sub-sensory (unconscious) stimuli presentation with marking and response control.
  • 3D localization of electric activity sources “Encephalan-3D” provides display of nominal source of electric activity on three projections of brain cut in the form of spatial dipole cloud, which allows localizing focus of EEG epileptiform activity or EP components source.
  • Analysis of super slow brain activity synchro­nously with EEG recording “Encephalan-SSA” (patent RF 2252692). Trends of super slow potentials dynamics and topographic maps of instant values and reactive changes of DC-potentials’ level to functional tests carried out allow evaluating indirectly the cerebral energy exchange and metabolic changes dynamics.
  • Analysis of functional brain asymmetry “Encephalan-FBA” provides visualization of intercentral connections map basing on the calculation of mutual functions (cross-correlation, cross-spectrum, coherence function) in order to diagnose inter- and intracentral interaction during different types of action.
  • Heart rate variability analysis “HRV” for evaluation of VNS and neurohumoral regulation of a patient in initial (background) state and considering vegetative response to provoking actions. Provides the evaluation of adequacy of physical and psycho-emotional stresses, and drugs effect and treatment efficiency control.

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